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Our Design & Consultancy Services

ALS offers Consulting Services for the technical design studies of Logistics Terminalsfrom the Concept Design stage & Operational Requirements until final handover.

Design and Construction:

Data collection, Preparatory work, Preliminary Design
MHS layout to be incorporated into Architectural Services
Building Engineering Services related to MHS
Tender Documents
Develop a technical analysis and a construction schedule to act in accordance with the clients timeline requirements
Possibility to handle Project Management, Contractual tasks as well as QA/QC


Our Air Cargo Handling Systems Portfolio covers the full range of all MHS solutions from the basic manual operation to the Fully Automated ones.

ETV – Elevating Transfer Vehicle

Specifically designed for the efficient Storage and Retrieval of ULDs and Air Cargo Pallets. The ETV functions are to store all types of ULDs and Pallets on multiple levels using friction driven or motorised roller decks with a capacity of up to 14,000 kg.

The storage, transfer, sorting and retrieval of cargo between the warehouse and the airside is fully automated with interfaces to the airline and WMS.

All vehicle movements are guided by the Inventory Control System with a possibility of operator override manual mode. The ETV is built on a central rail system between  the high-bay storage aisles, with a lifting platform designed for 10, 15 and 20ft powered roller decks with an operator cabin.

ULD High Bay Storage

The ULD Storage consisting of Friction and Power driven roller decks offers a dense storage facility for ULDs and Pallets from 5 to 20 ft. The storage and retrieval of cargo is fully automated by the ETV.

The levels can be dependent on the building allowed height and include safety fencing and fire protection sprinkler system.

Lowerable Workstation Roller Decks

Used for the build-up, break-down and conveying of loaded or empty ULDs to and from the warehouse floor. The Workstations consist of driven roller decks which are mounted on Hydraulic Scissor lifts and designed to cater for 5 to 20 ft ULD and pallets, with integrated Weighing Scales, Contour Checks and all required safety components.

Stationary Lowerable Workstations

For an efficient build-up and breakdown of main deck Pallets catering for Pallets and ULDs which are stored on warehouse slave pallets.Workstations are designed for drive-over handling in order to optimise the vehicles’ access and are controlled via foot-control panel locatedon the floor.

Workstations are designed for drive-over handling in order to optimise the vehicles’ access and are controlled via foot-control panel located on the floor. The Donkey/Slave Pallet operation ensure safety and optimal floor space utilisation.

Truck Docks

Heavy Duty equipment for the transfer of ULDs to and from the warehouse and provide the vertical alignment between the roller bed trucks and the warehouse equipment (Slave Pallets and Roller Decks).

Available Options: stationary or mobile with 10, 15 and 20 ft driven roller decks, Weighing Scales (10 and 20 ft); Side shift; Ram Protections; Winch.

The Truck Dock interfaces with the warehouse roller decks and slave pallets for the receiving of goods to and from the roller bed trucks. The main functionality is the immediate offloading of built-up ULDs from the trucks and vice versa.

Interfacing the TD to the WMS & IT system ensures the full transparency of the cargo flow to and from the warehouse.

ULD and Goods’ Lifts

Pallet Hoists are designed to utilize the available vertical space in the warehouse with no additional requirements of civil works. By installing the lifts, we create an additional work or storage level which leads to maximum utilization of the warehouse space. The flexible and versatile design ensures a user friendly interface between the different warehouse levels at various lifting capacity.

Conveyor & Portal

Conveyor measures and captures the level, the volume, the appearance and the weight of the cargo in a continuous process. It can be installed in flush-mounted chain systems in which trucks are used for transportation. This is a flexible and modular concept with flexibility that allows easy installation in new and existing plants. The identification of the parcels can be measured via automatic or manual barcode reading on transponders (RFID) or via a direct connection to the material flow control of the conveyor system.

ALS Express Handling Range covers Roller Decks, Ball Decks, Castor Decks and further custom-tailored solutions. ALS delivers the famous ULD Transporter, known as “Donkey” and Slave Pallets.

Donkey (Pallet Transporter) & Slave Pallets

Mobile vehicles to handle Slave Pallets allowing multiple mobile workstations with the aim of providing maximum flexibility and safe handling of cargo pallets inside the warehouse. The battery-driven transporter ensures continuous shifts as well as safe and pollution-free working environment for the warehouse staff.
The flexible handling of ULDs and Cargo Pallets inside a warehouse requires the use of Slave Pallets. Slave Pallets serve as mobile workstation for the efficient storage and, build-up, break-down and avoiding cargo damage. According to the customers’ requirements, the units may be delivered with full walkways, Narrow or Wide edge orientation and with 208 or 508 mm transfer level.

Castor, Ball, Gravity and Roller Decks

Designed to manually and safely transfer the cargo pallets and ULDs in omni-directions within the warehouse by interfacing with different cargo handling equipment. The modular design depends on the customers’ requirements and is usually manufactured in modules for ease of transportation, installation and expansion/relocation, if necessary. The decks are usually equipped with accessories such as built-in weighing scales, ram protections, volume measuring devices and other various options.
The conveying of ULDs within the warehouse or to the ramp, the heavy duty Roller Decks are built of height adjustable legs to support a conveying height of 208/508 mm. The roller decks can be motor or gravity operating for the staging of cargo with different dimensions ranging from 5 to 20ft and a capacity of up to 1,400 kg.

Heavy duty belt conveyors/ Roller curve conveyor

The major use of belt conveyors is for heavy duty conveying applications. They are particularly suitable for the transport of packed and unpacked unit loads of a variety of shapes and sizes. Long life and high reliability as well as smooth running at a low noise level allows the successful handling of loads in materials flow applications. 

ALS Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are designed for the computerised storage and retrieval of goods in the manufacturing, stock-keeping and distribution facilities where space is scarce and efficiency and high throughput are a must.

The ASRS concept is the equivalent to high density storage of palletised cargo by means of a high level of automation and efficiency; whether for mini load shipments or high bay pallet storage systems.

High Bay Storage System

In order to achieve optimal material flow and guarantee customer throughput, ALS offers highly advanced automated IT storage systems. We study the customer requirements to provide optimal material flow solutions, offering turnkey projects for Automatic High Bay warehouses by applying highly sophisticated software technologies. ALS provides systems that best suits the complex operational concept and solve the material handling challenges at optimum levels.

Input / Output Stations

Input/Output station of an automated storage and retrieval system is a set of conveyors designed to interface with the automated storage mechanism to deliver the required storage media efficiently and safely to the picking stations and vice-versa.

ALS offers all kinds of technologies such as transfer carts, high volume picking stations, offering warehouse picking such as Man-to-goods and Goods-to-man, pick by light, pick by voice etc…

The workstations can be fitted with Volume Scanners, Weighing Scales, Barcode Readers (or RFID) and Contour Checks etc…

Tote / Box Storage System

The Mini Load is a high-density tote or box buffer designed to maximize vertical storage space while maintaining a compact footprint. A high-speed Storage/Retrieval (S/R) machine or Shuttle System that move loads safely and accurately to support the high-volume order picking operations. Multiple input/output and integration options are available to streamline material flow.

ALS Logistic Solutions offers the full range of Car Park systems with different combinations ranging from Single Mechanical Lifting type, Semi Automated type, Multilevel Puzzle type, to Fully Automated Towers and Multi Story Robotic car parks.

ALS has identified the genuine necessity for this technology which could be provided at an affordable cost with our expertise in design, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance by well trained and dedicated in-house technical staff.

ALS offers a full after-sales support to cover operations and facility management for all your car parking requirements.

Mechanical Car Park System with a Pit (MCPS)

The MCPS with a pit is a simple mechanical hydraulic system with horizontal platforms designed for vertical stacking and storage of both sedan and SUV types.
The system can be conveniently arranged for indoor and outdoor use to allow the access of parking spaces independently.

Fully Automated Car Park System (FACPS)

FACPS is ultimately designed for maximum space utilisation for the vertical and horizontal storage of cars where space is not available.
FACPS structure can be included within the building structure or built separately as a dedicated parking tower.
It is built on the idea of fast access to the storage and retrieval of cars.  The system is mainly used in commercial towers where safety and speed is a must.
The safety standards implemented comply with all international regulations and standards and can be easily adjusted to the local environments.
Operation Methodology
The FACPS could be installed in either a dedicated steel structure or concrete building, depending on the availability of space.
The user can park the car in the designated ramp parking area which, when is clear from all personnel, will rotate the car in 180 degree in order to make the driving out forward, hence eliminating the requirement of dedicated ramps or driving lanes.
  • User friendly car drop-off and pick-up station allowing unhindered access to the car doors.
  • Cars are moved to the nearest empty slot, hence allowing access to new storage and retrieval of vehicles.
  • Fast and secure storage of cars without any user access to stored vehicles. 


Multilevel Puzzle – Semi Automated Car Park System (SACPS)

The SACPS extends the existing parking space vertically up to 6 levels; resulting in multi-layer parking solution with a single drive lane.
SACPS is designed to allow multi-level storage spaces above or below ground with user friendly operation and ease of maintenance.
The SACPS can be fully covered especially for extreme hot areas and designed according to the user requirements with parking positions for full SUVs and sedans.
The storage and retrieval of cars within the system is done on the ground floor with a user friendly control panel to retrieve the stored cars from higher levels.
The system is designed particularly for ease of use for any driver without special training or the help of an operator.
Operation Methodology
The SACPS is based on storing the cars by a combination of stacking and moving cars closer together by a variable arrangement of parking grids beside one another.

The steel structure has a carrying capacity to hold both sedan and SUV types with balanced lifting mechanism.
  • User friendly operator keypad to park in the nearest available space
  • When a free car slot is called, the cars will be elevated vertically and shifted sideways in order to make space for the next user


Mechanical Car Park System without a pit (MCPS)

The MCPS without pit is specially designed to use the same footprint of one car parking space especially in the existing facilities (where space is a premium requirement) such as offices, hotels and residences.

Maintenance and Support Services:

  • Air Cargo Handling & Warehouse Equipment such as: ETVs (Elevated Transfer Vehicles), Truck Docks, ULD Handling Equipment/Workstations/Pallets Hoists/Goods Lifts, Belt conveying and sorting systems, Powered Conveyors, Automated volume and weight measuring systems for pallets & ULDs, Stacker Cranes, Castor Decks/Ball Decks/Free Gravity or Motorized Roller Decks, Control Cabinets & PLC
  • GSE Equipment such as; Aircraft tow tractors, baggage tow tractors, and related components
  • IT Support for Inspection / Diagnosis / Repair of Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) PLC Control Systems and SCADA 
  • Material Handling Control System (MHCS) Software Support
  • Extended Standby Service & Trouble Shooting through 24/7 Remote Access Service /   Hotline for Automated Systems and associated components
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